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We are Michigan and Colorado based Destination & Wedding Videographers. We specialize in ONLY video and our work shows for it. Everything we do is geared and focused on making your experience the absolute best and easiest process around. 

From easy to sign contracts, easy to make payments, and very straight forward packages. Our packages are designed in a way so you do not have to worry about extras, add ons, or additional fees. We do our best to make sure the price you see if what you pay so you don't end up with an extra $1,000 on your package after booking.

Our process is very straight forward and we would love to chat with you. Send us a message with our contract form and we can hop on a video or phone call to go over some more details and get the videographer crossed off your list.


Hey, I'm James - the last videographer you'll need.

Let's tell a story, more specifically, your story... From experience I have learned that creating a video is much more than pointing a camera and pushing record.


A video is more than just a few moments thrown together... it tells a story in such a creative way that photos just cannot. I have always had a love for making films even though I did somehow end up with an engineering degree. BUT! I am here to  tell your story, and trust me, its WELL WORTH IT! Video can capture every moment, emotion, & authentic feeling from your day. 

You may often find me hiking the mountains, biking some trails, or planning my next adventure. Wherever I go, my camera follows. 


Beautiful Wedding Video



that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!

Optimal Focus Weddings created such a 

Making it  YOUR  Wedding

Let's make it YOUR wedding. We are HANDS ON and ready to party! We love being apart of your day, whether it be answering questions, bouncing ideas, or helping your wedding day run smooth. Most of the time, videographers sit back and allow the wedding planning to happen. With over 125+ weddings under our belt, we are more than happy to help you in anyway we can.

After you book, we will be here as a resource, a teammate, & friend. We know that during your wedding day, we are apart of a much larger team, which includes more than just video. So when it comes to your wedding day, we can ensure we all work as one solid team.