Wedding videos to capture every feeling, moment, and emotion


Hey there, I'm James! 

Michigan, Colorado, & Beyond

Let's tell a story, more specifically, your story. From experience I have learned that creating a video is much more than pointing a camera. A video is more than just a few moments thrown together, it tells a story in such a creative way that photos just cannot. I have always had a love for making films even though I did somehow end up with an engineering degree. BUT! I am here to  tell your story, and trust me, its WELL WORTH IT! Video can capture every moment, emotion, & authentic feeling from your day. 






that we will cherish for the rest of our lives!

Optimal Focus Weddings created such a 

Whether your wedding is small or large, close or far, we will be there! We have a series of collections for you to pick from to ensure you get absolutely everything you are looking for in your wedding video. We utilize up to 4 cameras per wedding and more than 6 sources of audio to ensure everything is captured. A second shooter is also available which is a great way to capture absolutely every moment throughout the day. Want to create your own package? We offer a la carte options so that you can customize your own package to your needs!