James Turner

Owner & Creative Director

I like to say "I went to college for fun" because I have a mechanical engineering degree but will forever refuse to leave the filmmaking business. Filmmaking is something I love and will always continue to do. The engineering comes from the curiosity of how things work. I would love to pursue a business in designing film equipment but we will see where life takes me. I am James Turner and making videos is what I do. 


Sabrina Vanfossen

Photographer @ Blooming Heart Photo

Hey there! I’m Sabrina, a full time dog mom and photographer. I love traveling, exploring new places, and being out in nature. In 2015 I graduated high school and started college with the dream of becoming a surgeon. Turns out, after working at a hospital for 6 years, I realized it really wasn't for me. In the midst of struggling with my identity and trying to figure out where I fit in for years, I found photography. I met my current partner, James, who is the videographer at Optimal Focus Productions and he introduced me to the world that is weddings. I found something that I truly love and I am happy to say that I left college, slowed my hours at the hospital, and I'm pursuing this as my full time career. When I'm not working, you can find me spoiling my beautiful huskies Myah and Aspen, reading a book, kayaking, hiking, camping, or really anything outdoors!

Oh also, I am a Hufflepuff and a Scorpio :)

If you're interested in following James and I as we travel (or seeing some super cute dog pictures), head over to Instagram and follow my personal page or our pupper's page: @sabrina_rose_travel or @myah.and.aspen

Photo by: Chrissy Marie Photography