Engagement Video


A video engagement session is just like a photo engagement session! Take a look at an example below!

Teaser Trailer

A teaser Trailer is a short video to give a little sneak peek at some highlights of your wedding day. Usually delivered within 7 days of wedding.

Ceremony Video


A Ceremony video is a separate video delivered that showcases the events of the ceremony. Will usually start when the Bride walks down the isle. If you want the whole party entering on video, please request this ahead of time. Normally a single angle, however multiple cameras are used to get more angles in case one shot is compromised. Please see the example below.

Toasts Video


A Toasts video is a separate video delivered that showcases the toasts. This normally includes the MOH and Best Man speeches but can include more. Usually starts during the first toast from the MOH or Best Man. If you have other speeches you want covered, please let me know before the wedding. Normally a single angle, however multiple cameras are used to get more angles in case one shot is compromisedPlease see the example below.


What is RAW Footage?

RAW footage is footage directly out of the camera. This footage is not color corrected and the audio is not edited. A lot of the usable RAW footage is used in the highlight video. RAW footage can be out of focus, a bad angle, not in frame, or more. Here are some examples. A lot of the time it is hard to tell when a moment is going to happen, and since we love those candid moments, we try to record as much as possible. This may mean there will be clips that nothing happens or they might be very long clips. 

Guest Interviews


This is an add on that can be added into the final highlight video or as its own video. It is a compilation of short clips from either your guests or bridal party or both, where they would say anything they'd like to the Bride and Groom or they can be asked specific questions. (Example Coming soon)

Same Day Edit


A Same Day Edit is a video that is created from footage throughout the first half of the day (up until the reception/dinner) and is edited at the wedding during dinner. The video will then be played at the reception for all guests to see! 

Expedited Edit


An Expedited edit is an edit where you choose the due date. A video can take some time to edit and this option will allow you to pick when you'd like it to be done by. 

Documentary Style Film


A documentary style film is a longer film that feels like more of a behind the scenes than it would a highlight film. Usually around 20 minutes long.