What is RAW Footage (with examples)

Before you purchase your RAW footage, here is some information as to what exactly raw footage is: Raw footage is footage straight from the camera with no edits, cuts, or editing added. I shoot in a format called Canon LOG1 which makes the image look very flat, desaturated, and with no contrast. This is done so that I can have more control over the color correcting process. 

​Here are some things to note abut RAW footage:

  • Flat, neutral color profile

  • formatted as an MP4 file in H.265 which means your default application on windows and mac cannot open and watch these files. You would need a special video player. 

  • There are no edits or cuts so each starting and ending of a clip may be unusable. 

  • Audio is straight from camera which means it may not be the absolute best quality. 

  • File sizes of my footage (Total) is between 500GB and 1TB per wedding 

Here are some examples of RAW footage clips: 

Here are some examples of what log color profile looks like vs color corrected. The footage you will get is non color corrected: